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Bethesda-Rockville-Potomac’s best Day spa, Magnolia Salon and Spa, offers hundreds of specialized treatments by world-class massage therapists, cosmetologists and estheticians, including soothing massages, hair, nail, Eastern origin treatments, skin care and body treatments.

Holiday Promotion

Every year is filled with special days to celebrate, express your love for family and friends, and give thanks. At Magnolia Salon and Spa, we do our part to make every one of these days something to remember for everyone who’s special to you. Our holiday packages are an extraordinary spa experience.

HOT CHOCOLATE SYNERGY MASSAGE: Combo Massage and Chocolate Body Treatment. Approximately 1 1/2 hours. ($140)

MERRY MAKEOVER: Swedish Massage 60 min., Manicure, Mini-Pedicure, Blow Dry & Style. Approximately 2 1/2 hours. ($163)

HOLIDAY SEASON SAMPLER: Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and a Swedish Massage 60 min. Approximately 2 hours. ($176)

MAGNOLIA SPECIAL PACKAGE: Swedish Massage 60 min., Magnolia Signature Spa Facial, Manicure, Mini-Pedicure, Paraffin Hand Treatment, Paraffin Foot Treatment. Approximately 3 1/2 hours. ($225)

TIFFANY ROSE: Swedish Massage 60 min., Spa Signature Facial, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure. Approximately 4 1/2 hours. ($264)

KING FOR THE DAY: Gentleman’s Facial, Deep Tissue Massage 60 min., Mini-Pedicure. Approximately 4 hours. ($268)

These packages cannot be combined with other offers. Valid till December 31, 2015. .


At Magnolia Salon & Spa our goal is to promote wellness and healing. We are inviting you to relax, refresh and get reenergized! Our massage offerings will restore balance to mind and body. Our specialty massages are designed to help with stress relief, pain relief, flexibility and well being.

Swedish Massage $59 | 60 minutes; $89 | 90 minutes
Swedish Body Massage uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction tech-niques on the more superficial layers of muscles, generally in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. With Swedish Body Massage is used to promote general relaxation, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tensions and improve range of motions. A popu-lar and highly recommended Body Massage for the overly-stressed and tired body in need of rejuvenation and revitalization.

Well Being/Well Aging $59 | 60 minnutes; $89 | 90 minutes
Starting with acupressure of the face, a relaxing neck massage for better circulation and sleep. It will also include a “stomach sports massage” for better digestion and reflexology of the hands, ears and feet. A facial mask will also be applied.

Foot Reflexology $30 | 30 minutes; $45 | 45 minutes
Reflexology is works on the principle of treating the whole body as one, with our feet acting as a mirror or map to our inner body. Massaging the reflex nerves in the feet en-courages internal organs to detoxify and release stored stress and tension with stagnation is unblocked and energy is encouraged to flow freely.

Seated Chair Massage $30 | 30 minutes; $60 | 60 minutes


IMAGE – the most innovative skincare brand in the industry. Magnolia Salon and Spa now carries IMAGE products and solutions. 

We know that our customers are savvier than ever when it comes to taking care of their skin. That’s great! We now feature Image Skincare, is considered the most innovative skincare brand in the industry. From using the highest percentages of active ingredients allowable by the FDA, to seeking out the latest advancements in skincare technology, IMAGE offers revolutionary products for every skin type and every skin concern. Every few years a new technology comes along that revolutionizes the skincare industry forever. Available exclusively from Image Skincare, Vectorize Technology™ utilizes up to 100 layers of active ingredients such as stem cells and peptides into sphere-like molecular structures. Once applied to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, offering deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time while delivering unparalleled results. 

Call us for more information or to book your facial appointment. Tel: 301.309.6886.

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Benefits of Threading

The benefit of threading that most sets it apart from other hair removal techniques is its precision. While hair removal creams, waxing and tweezing can often leave unwanted stray hairs around your eyebrows, a threading artist goes through your hair row by row, giving eyebrows a clean and defined shape.

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Why Should I get SPA Facials?

Magnolia Salon & Spa is the most popular provider of spa facials and body treatments in the Bethesda-Potomac-Rockville area. We offer indulgences in image enhancing and relaxing treatments.

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